Modern Outline Kits     

'0 Gauge Kits'

High Quality Precision Kits designed for you to turn into beautiful models

In concept our kits are of soldered metal construction based on accurate nickel silver and occasional brass etchings produced for us by one of the best etchers in the UK.

We put every effort into producing a kit that is easy to put together yet has the attributes and appearance of a fine hand built model. The level of component count  is very high securing a level of detail in all our kits which surpasses most if not all of any other kit on the market.

Wherever possible we choose the process that suits the component. Parts that are not suited to being produced from flat etching are made from castings or are machined turnings or milled. This also includes areas which effect the ease of construction, helping the constructor to maintain the fidelity of the model but reducing the difficulty in achieving it.

In order to assist locating parts accurately we make extensive use of tab and slot assembly. By this means the constructor can assemble components mechanically knowing that they are positioned correctly before soldering. This allows checking and testing to be completed before committing to soldering increasing the confidence of the builder knowing that he can back-track easily should he need and further ensuring the final quality of the model.

To further assist the constructor each kit comes with an illustrated assembly manual showing step by step instructions for each stage of the build.

To improve accuracy all our kits are designed with the use of industry advanced CAD; specifically this allows us to combine advanced 3D solid modeling techniques with 2D etched components extremely accurately. 

Our kits include all the nuts, bolts, screws and other fasteners, wire and other small parts required to complete the model. 
Because of personnel preferences we do-not include motor/gearbox, wheels or pickups in the kits unless specified by the customer.




















An example of a chassis held together only with tabs                              and slots. No solder has yet been applied. Where ever possible               tabs and slots are placed at locations masked in the finished model.